Brad Schumann

Brad retired and moved to North Dakota to be close to his grandchildren. But a hemorrhagic stroke changed everything.

Mary Buechler

COVID-19 threatened not only Mary’s activities but her very life itself. Diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia, Mary was admitted to the ICU at the acute care hospital. Her condition progressively worsened, and her respiratory status failed to improve. The hospital called Mary’s family to make a difficult decision on what would happen next.

Gisela Wold

Gisela Wold woke up to a house fire that left her with severe injuries including inhalation burns. Despite the obstacles in front of her, she worked hard at her recovery.

Perry Weekes

Perry Weekes came to Vibra to recover from COVID-19. He faced a long list of complications that came with his condition but never lost his will to fight.