Brad Schumann

In July 2020, Brad Schumann retired to begin a new adventure. “I moved [to North Dakota] from Louisiana to be closer to my grandchildren.” However, Brad didn’t stay retired long. He went back to work full-time, working on the same ranch as his son-in-law. Brad also helped out with his grandkids.

But then, Brad’s grand adventure took a detour when he had a hemorrhagic stroke.

As a result of the stroke, Brad underwent a craniotomy. He faced a long recovery requiring a high level of care. That led Brad to Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas, a critical care hospital.

“My daughter picked Vibra because it’s acute care, and she thought that would be better than a nursing home.”

Brad is pleased with his daughter’s decision, having made significant gains in his recovery.

During his stay, Brad found motivation in being with his kids and grandchildren again. He defines success as “aiming for something and accomplishing it.” His ultimate goal is to regain his independence and be able to walk again. It’s a goal he is well on his way to achieving.