Marie Thompson

Marie Thompson has spent her whole life giving to others. After retiring as a social worker, specifically helping the elderly and disabled, Marie remained active as a volunteer. She worked with AARP’s tax aid program and gave her time to her church and Bible study fellowship. “I lived an active and busy life,” Marie shared.

Then Marie received her cancer diagnosis.

Marie underwent intensive chemotherapy treatment, but her journey didn’t end there, as she required major emergency abdominal surgery. “This was a life-threatening surgery,” she noted.

Following surgery, Marie required an extended hospitalization and a significant level of care. That led her to Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas. “I chose Vibra because, as a retired social worker, I had done assessments here previously and felt this was the best option for me to recover,” Marie stated.

Marie made significant gains during her stay at Vibra, and left an impact on those she encountered. “Marie was just a joy to work with,” shared Tammy Sherman, director of case management at Vibra Hospital. “She was always so positive, even after all she had been through. She was the ‘Queen of Notetaking’ and one of those patients that we could all take away a little something from. Being a former social worker, I learned from her [things] that I would be able to apply in my daily work.”

Facing significant health challenges requires motivation, and Marie had plenty to draw on. “My faith, my children, and all the Vibra staff were all motivating factors to my recovery,” Marie said. I was determined to work hard and improve. All Vibra staff provided great, quality care.”

“From day one, she was determined she would be going home, and it was so rewarding to watch her get closer to that goal every day,” added Tammy. “The smile on her face the day she left said it all! It was a privilege and honor to care for her.”

Marie considers it a success that she is able to return home with the help of her two children and home health. “I am excited to go home, as I have been in the hospital seven times since April and have been in the hospital this time for 45 days. I plan to continue to work hard and do as much as I can for myself in the future,” Marie added.