Perry Weekes

At 65 years old, Perry Weekes was diagnosed with COVID-19. His journey to recovery is nothing short of a miracle after he coded on four separate occasions. But Perry never lost his fight and kept pushing to achieve his recovery goals.

Perry arrived at Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas intubated, on a ventilator, dependent on feeding tubes, unable to move his extremities, and new to dialysis due to COVID-19. Despite all these hurdles, he maintained his motivation and kept fighting for his life.

With a team of therapists behind him, Perry always came to his sessions willing to get up and work. He had to battle the fatigue from dialysis as well as his oxygen needs to progress. His advancement was long and slow but Perry remained positive through it all. He received a lot of family support along with great care from the Vibra staff.

At discharge, Perry accomplished all his goals and then some. His major accomplishments included being able to feed himself, coming off dialysis, strengthening his legs, and weaning off the ventilator.

Perry discharged from Vibra alert and ready to start the next phase of his recovery. He moved into a post-acute facility and continues to see progress. His discharge date is coming up and this time he will be heading home.